Our Mission Statement is to inform as many individuals in the world as possible so they may pass on this vital information of what is coming so quickly – that when it happens, it will be over before most will know it has happened. Once this occurs, it will be too late to do or un-do anything about it.

Second, with this information, you will have all the fully complete and accurate knowledge required – so that you can make one of two choices you now have; before this event occurs. Once it happens, if you have not made your choice; it will be as though you accept #2 of the 2 choices you had and you will have missed out.

Why this is so vital is that God, our Creator “so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son so that whosoever should believe in HIM with all his or her heart, shall not perish, but shall have everlasting life with HIM forever. Given the choice to receive this gift is incredible but to miss out on it, is unthinkable.

Our Statement of Beliefs:

  • We share with our Founding Fathers our unwavering belief in God, our Creator.
  • We are committed to preserving our God-dedicated Constitutional Republic.
  • Our American way of life is under full attack by those with an evil agenda.
  • Today and over the past 125 years, more and more and now most of our enemy is internal without our knowledge and most don’t even know it is they themselves.
  • Unfortunately, they think what they are doing is good; but it is not; it is Evil.
  • Our Entertainment industry, together with our own News media is now calling evil good and good evil. When this is pointed out, most just shrug and move on.
  • In the past, most of our nation was either Moral or Immoral; it is now Amoral.
  • As loving and forgiving God, our Creator is; has our society already passed the point of No Return – watching the Light of Freedom and the Torch of Liberty go out – on our watch? Knowing what our generation knows, this is “Unthinkable”.

If we as a nation¬†beg God’s forgiveness, repent, pray for Revival, would HE hear us?

Our Conclusion:

It is vital for everyone alive on Planet Earth at this time TODAY to understand the following information.The two most important days of each one of your lives is: (1) the day you are born, and (2) the day you understand why.¬†Having stated that, why is this so vital? Because you will have the opportunity to make (of your own free will) one of these two choices: (1) to accept with humble gratitude the most incredible treasure one can ever receive, or (2) you can refuse or reject it … ooh, but some will say “suppose I couldn’t decide”. In that case you will fall into the 2nd category or choice; which is most tragic as UPON DEATH it will affect you for all eternity. Even worst yet, there will be no 2nd chance. Your choice will be forever. Be warned, this is all about you and God. Get more information by going to the next page “About Us”.